Theme: “Smart, Innovative & Intelligent engineering in construction”

The Construction Association of Bhutan (CAB) in collaboration with Construction Development Board (CDB) will be organizing its annual 3rd Construction Fair from 10th to 13th May, 2019 at Changlimithang Stadium Car Parking, Thimphu. The Construction Fair is the fusion of three important sub events viz-a`-viz, Construction ExhibitionAnnual Construction Seminar and the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the Construction Association of Bhutan (CAB). The conglomeration of these key events will seek to attract massive audience, enabling Exhibitors to generate significant market leads.

The Construction Fair- the largest of its kind in the country, goes beyond standard fairs and stands out as a premiere networking & B2B platform. It brings together producers, manufacturers, processors, suppliers and end-users along the whole supply chain, giving participants the opportunity to become part of a larger network of links. Sponsors and exhibitors from industries and businesses with interest to capitalize on the booming Bhutanese construction market are invited to participate and display their products and services.

We urge our valuable benefactors to sponsor our event. By becoming our sponsor, you have the opportunity to take your product marketing to a whole new level through access to the best exhibition booth and other premium facilities to stand out at the exhibition; you can take control over how the industry views your brand.