• Develop & Promote the Bhutanese Construction Industry
  • Advocate & represent the construction sector to the government and other stakeholders
  • Stimulating, mobilising and co-ordinating the Construction Sector
  • Pursue Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Construction Industry
  • Lobbying for private construction sector issues
  • Acting as the conduit for programmes for and towards the development of the PCS, and
  • Providing services to members


  • Assist & facilitate members in documentation during registration, renewal and upgradation of their contract license & CDB certificate
  • Recommendation of Non-national engineers for recruitment
  • Sensitization & Awareness on government policies & procurement norms
  • Technical and legal consultation/advise related to procurement process (Arbitration, tender filling etc.)
  • Advocacy & Awareness on Occupational Health & Safety and Quality Assurance
  • General & Technical Trainings and Workshops
  • Local, Regional & International linkages & Exposure through platforms such as Construction Fair, IFAWPCA Conventions, Study Tours & Trainings, etc.
  • Access to information or advertisement opportunities through Construction Directory
  • Member Savings: on Bank Guarantees; Machineries/Equipment purchase or hire; purchase of Construction materials such as Cement, Steels & Bricks;
  • Engineer services for measurement of works, preparation of BoQ & final bills, bidding through e-GP, rate analysis
  • Sensitization & Information dissemination on contemporary and upcoming programs, events, policy changes, new policies etc. via sms, phone, email, social media, print media, BBS, etc.
  • Members capacitation and awareness workshops
  • Organize meetings, conferences, workshops, seminars to provide members with fora for exchange of views and experiences.
  • Opportunity for multiple business forums and social activities such as annual Construction Fair, intermittent meetings, receptions for specific events to broaden networking opportunities and CAB annual picnic for members.


  • Unit rate schedule software:
    • An automated unit rate software to derive prevailing rate to produce realistic cost at site for specific works. The user will only have to enter the cost of the particular items at the work location to get the estimated built-up rates.
  • Member Savings:
    • Reduced Commissions on Performance Guarantee
    • Nominal Discounts on essential construction materials such as Cement, Steel, Bricks, etc.
    • Nominal Discounts on Purchase & Hire of Machineries & Equipment.
  • Publications:
    • Monthly Construction Newsletter / Journals
    • Digital annual report published on CAB website
    • Construction Forecast Report
    • Miscellaneous Construction related Literatures.
  • Construction Career Expo
    • One-of-a-kind interactive expo to address the industry’s looming labour shortage by marketing the career paths available in construction with unique opportunities to get students hands on the tools.
  • Labour Resource Bank
    • Consolidated labour pool of TVET construction workers under CAB. The workers will be supplied to the contractors as and when required.