Training for Construction Project Management Software

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Dear Members,
As we all know that we have been using MB or Measurement Book to measure sites and do the payment of actual work done by contractor in construction for a long time. And it has immensely helped both the parties in maintaining proper records or accounts at the time of project execution.

But now in the change in time our government is moving further steps ahead with an implement of Construction project management Software in place of MB from July 2020. Once the software is place Government will no longer MB and we all should use the Software.

So keeping in mind the importance of above mentioned software, We construction association of Bhutan in collaboration with Ministry of Work and Human Settlements will be providing a ” Construction Project Management Software Training” for interested construction and company engineers at any time soon. Date and venue will be informed through email after receiving registration.

Therefore we request our all member to take this opportunity and register with us at: 02- 327830 or email us at

PFA PDF copy of Circular here :Click Download

Thank you

General Secretary