mBOB transfer facilities for fees payment

In continuation to our earlier notification dated 31/03/2020 complying with the Government directives to maintain social distancing in the wake of COVID-19, the Construction Development Board (CDB) in consultation with Department of Revenue and Customs (DRC), Thimphu has adopted the following payment procedure as an interim measure:

OPTION 1: mBOB transfer

  1. Deposit any payment-related to CDB services directly into CD account # 200359620 of DRC maintained with Bank of Bhutan using ‘Funds transfer’ icon from your  mBOB application;
  2. Indicate TPN/Trade License no./CDB no. in the ‘Remarks column’ for identification of applicant making the payment, and retain screenshot of a payment transaction; and
  3. Forward that screenshot of a payment transaction  made to accountant@cdb.gov.bt

OPTION 2 (status quo):

  1. Pay your registration/renewal fees at the nearest RRCO; and 
  2. Intimate your  money receipts to accountant@cdb.gov.bt

For any clarification kindly contact Mrs. Choney Wangmo @ 17733330


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