Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure


The President is the head of the association. As head of the association, the President will chair the Annual General Meetings and the Executive Committee Meetings.




The association has two Vice-Presidents to assist the President in the conduct of all affairs of the association. One vice-president is responsible for the technical matters while the other is responsible for the administration and financial matters of the association.


General Body


The General Body is the governing body of the association. The general body comprises of elected members from all the Dzongkhags represented through respective Dzongkhag Liaison Committee (DLC), and the Executive Committee Members under the chairmanship of the President as the elect Head of the Association. All other Registered Members of the Association is treated as Members of the General Body in the same status as the elected members. As the governing body for the Association, the general Body is the ultimate decision making forum for the management and function of the Association with absolute administrative and financial powers. However the administrative and financial power is automatically deemed delineated to the Executive Committee for operational convenience, with the President as the ‘Authorized Signatory’.


Executive Committee


The Executive Committee is the executing body for the Association. It comprises of the President (Chairman), Vice-Presidents and the elected members from the different categories of contractors. As the executing body of the Association, the Executive Committee exercises full administrative and financial powers. The committee fully executes management and operational plans and programs for the secretariat towards achieving the set functional objectives of the association.




The Secretariat Office is the implementing body of the Association for carrying out its plans and programs. The head of Secretariat Office is designated as General Secretary of the Association. In order to facilitate and reach the services of the association across the country, a liaison committee/office is established in each Dzongkhag. Each liaison committee has a minimum of 5 members including a chairperson. The Dzongkhag Liaison Committee (DLC) represents the association and act as forum at the Dzongkhag level. Finance CommitteeTo making efficient financial decisions of the association, the association has instituted a finance committee. The finance committee has a chairman (one of the Vice-Presidents) and one member representative from each class of contractor selected from the executive committee.


Other Committee


The association also has instituted working committees (such as Technical Committee) from time to time in order to efficiently carry out the functions of the association.

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